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It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections. Change It wasn’t trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Unlike in , change was no longer a campaign slogan. But, the term still held a lot of weight. Here’s an excerpt from our Word of the Year announcement in The national debate can arguably be summarized by the question: In the past two years, has there been enough change? Has there been too much?

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September 10, Updated: January 28, 2: The Disciples of Zod were not the only ones who arrived with the second meteor shower which is a good thing for Clark. Some elements of Marvel, Supergirl, and Arrow featured. January 28, Updated:

Beck and Tori both ask each other if they have seen the person they were looking for (Tori looking for Cat and Beck looking for Trina) when they cross each other’s paths. Beck and Tori are saying the same things at the same time.

It was counted as an iCarly episode, not a Victorious episode. In the meantime, Disney Channel , Nickelodeon’s main competitor, had experienced immense success with franchises like Hannah Montana and High School Musical , which featured original songs and generated revenue through music as well as television. Seeking to “follow where the kids are”, Nickelodeon executives asked Schneider to create a music-based show for the channel. The idea intrigued Schneider, who recognized the appeal of series concerning fame.

She noted that Schneider’s iCarly, a sitcom about a girl who hosts a popular web show , was spurred by the rise of YouTube celebrities and had become a successful show for Nickelodeon. The second season of Victorious finished filming on February 23, Coat rack Several of the actors on Victorious had either appeared in Nickelodeon programs or Broadway musicals prior to Victorious Template: She also co-starred with Jogia, who plays Tajid, on the Nickelodeon television movie Spectacular!

Monet guest starred in three episodes of Zoey Thomas not only guest starred in a episode of iCarly but had previously appeared in musicals such as runs of The Color Purple and Caroline, or Change and in the movie August Rush. But in a child’s life on a set, we do take that seriously. At our studios on Sunset Boulevard, where we shoot iCarly and Victorious, the greenrooms are filled with games and Rock Band.

We create an environment where they can have fun with their colleagues and take it easy.


Sister Trina Vega is Tori’s sister. Trina is the reason that Tori got into Hollywood Arts, because Trina took some kind of Chinese Herb Gargle she found online, thinking it would make her sing better, but instead, it gave her an allergic reaction, therefore having Tori fill in for her place at the showcase. Tori and Trina have an interesting relationship that has its ups and downs.

Cat begins dating Tori’s ex-boyfriend, Danny. Meanwhile, Trina, Robbie, André, Jade and Beck indulge their feet in callus-eating fish. Tori becomes jealous of Cat and her ex dating, so she ends up spraying the couple with hot cheese and later kisses Danny, Cat sees this and is shocked.

Rated M for sexual “Are you seriously suggesting that we go to my dad’s wedding and go hook up elsewhere? Beck stepped back, surprised at the amount of things Tori actually knew and was willing to do. Beck was standing by his locker listening to music. He looked ahead and saw Tori Vega and her boyfriend Ryder Daniels talking. Beck’s hands tightened on the steering wheel as he thought back to his conversation with Moose as he was driving him to the airport and felt.

The Punctuality thing is so true! That story will make three chapters. That one has three different perspectives. Kiss the head I beau sexual pics but it’s not deserved. I want it from a – Sex on clean sheets that he just finished washing. I’m charming easy going and always stay hopeful. I have the stamina if you have the undergo how. Hello i am a 30 year old woman.


The end of Jade Dumps Beck. You love me again. Who said I stopped? The Slap gives us a few.

Victorious Fanfiction – Chapter 3. 1DObidalaCupcake | January 4, I cried, tears dripping down my face. “Babe, what’s wrong?” asked Beck sadly. “Please, please, get me out of here!” Beck looked at Tori, Robbie, and Andre and nodded curtly. He pulled me into the janitors closet and locked the door. Victorious Wiki is a FANDOM TV.

September 5, at Golbez September 5, at Cheryl September 5, at 2: JWLM September 5, at 1: Lel September 5, at 3: Gadgeteer Smashwidget September 5, at 5: We even fail at our own system for determining reading level.

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Cat and Beck are Dating! In the photo you can see is Cat and Beck seen in his RV making out, kissing, and sending Cat to the delivery unit because Beck is on top, attaching his thing to Cat’s thing, so it’s a pretty good chance that Cat and Beck are together, and having babies, and Daniel will soon break up with Cat so Cat can be with Beck happily. Cat seems to be enjoying Beck in the photo, kissing, making out and they are wearing casual outfits such as a satin dresses, and a tuxedo, because Cat and Beck are getting wedded the next day but wearing the same outfits and after having Amanda Caterina Valentine Oliver, their newborn baby girl that has hair of her mother, the intelligence of her father, and half dumbness of her mother.

Victorious is an American sitcom that originally aired on Nickelodeon from March 27, until February 2, The series stars Victoria Justice as Tori Vega, a teenage girl who is given the opportunity to attend Hollywood Arts High School, a performing arts school with a group of was announced on August 10, , that the series would not be renewed.

At Nozu, Cat meets a cute boy named Evan on her way to the bathroom. After talking to him for five hours, she forgets to tell him that she actually has red hair and brown eyes. Tori and Robbie tell her that she is beautiful, and when Cat talks to Robbie about Evan, Robbie gets jealous. During lunch, Jade checks Evan’s SplashFace profile, and shows that all of his ex-girlfriends are blondes, revealing that he prefers blonde girls, and dislikes people not being themselves.

Robbie has a sudden outburst and professes that Cat is adorable and any guy would be lucky to go out with her. On the night of the premiere of Beck’s movie, Jade and Tori expect Cat to be herself, but Cat walks in to meet Evan wearing her blonde wig and blue contacts.

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I just moved to Hollywood so I can go to Hollywood Arts. I think I will I have a most interesting life here in Hollywood. So, what happens when Tiffany meets Tori’s friends and makes a name for herself at Hollywood Arts?

Victorious fanfiction tori and beck dating Stars of everything that beck tori asks sikowitz and beck should be boyfriend is given the. Check out why jade comes back, is also dating beck fired from a movie, ‘see, as tori were dating behind jade’s play date street32jpg victorious!

April 18 Jade and Tori act in a fight scene, but things go bad when Jade acts as if Tori hit her in the face with a cane. Meanwhile, Trina kisses Robbie during an audition and Robbie thinks she likes him, following her obsessively until Cat proves him wrong by kissing him. Now Tori doesn’t know what to get Trina. Andre suggests a song.

Trina, however, doesn’t think its a present since Tori didn’t spend money on it. She also gets a record deal because of the song, but the record producers later find out that Trina didn’t sing the song, and they let Tori sing the song in her place. Meanwhile, Robbie and Cat have to help Robbie’s grandmother with her computer problems, and her attitude towards Cat bothers her. She then has second thoughts about it and asks Tori to help her get him back. After the two girls get a rottweiler who almost kills Beck’s father, Beck and Jade do get back together.

Meanwhile, Robbie reviews Trina’s one-woman show, which was so terrible it was almost funny. But when Trina threatens him with bodily harm if he doesn’t write a good review, Robbie is forced to make a decision, be honest or write a false review to please Trina.

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